NW Scoot Competitions

To support a scooter competition promotional partnership with NW Scoot's Korey Kier, I created a WordPress site to announce our competitions and post event results.



Paxton Swygard

As part of helping promote my son's freestyle scootering career as well as supporting his sponsors, I created a site for him to feature his accomplishments, photos, and videos. PaxtonSwygard.com was launched on his birthday in 2012 and it continues to promote his latest content and it features a unique feature in the industry: a scooter resume.


WordPress - Making Yoast Breadcrumbs Behave Like A Good Boy

I mentioned in a recent post (okay, very recent) that Yoast Breadcrumbs needed some tweaking to get it to behave the way I wanted it to. This post will outline the changes that I made to my theme to get Yoast Breadcrumbs to cooperate.

First, check to see if the plugin is installed and enabled. If it is, let's get the output from the plugin:

WordPress - Displaying Custom-Formatted Links To Page Children

This is just a quick and easy tip, but it was harder to find the answer to than I would have expected. (...or maybe I just didn't appease the Google Gods correctly when searching.)

If you have a page hierarchy within your WordPress site and you want to display (such as in the sidebar) the immediate children of the current page that you're on, here's the code to do it.

Yet Another List Of Recommended WordPress Plugins

I know there have been a zillion and a half posts written about the best plugins for WordPress, but I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and offer up my favorites. Some are the common ones that you'll find on many other lists, but some are ones that I've had to dig for to fulfill a unique need that I had. If you're a WordPress veteran, maybe you'll find a gem in this list that you apply to your site. If you're new to WordPress, you'll likely find many of the plugins on this list that you'll want to add to your site.

Wordpress 2.5.1 Bug - Admin Can't Publish

In Wordpress 2.5.1, after you've created additional publishing users, the administrator account can no longer publish posts or pages. Or rather, the administrator can publish, but it appears under another user's name as the administrator's account is not an option in the drop down.

After quite some digging, I found a solution, or rather a work-around, posted by jmrussell on this Wordpress forum:

Remove Fancy Quotes From WordPress

If you're annoyed by the fancy quotes that WordPress replaces your normal quotes with (i.e. “these quotes” rather than "these regular quotes"), there's an easy way to get rid of them. Just use Semiologic's Unfancy Quote Plugin For WordPress and presto chango, your fancy quotes are gone!

I had found some lower-level hacks to WordPress and some crazy-complex Javascript that fixed this, but none of them were as simple and easy to use as Semiologic's solution.

Add A Digg Badge To WordPress Posts/Pages

I know there are a lot of widgets and plugins for WordPress out there for adding a Digg badge to posts (I know, because I tried half a dozen or so of them) but I didn't find any that worked consistently and provided the functionality I wanted. After researching the Digg Tools API and a few other examples online, I've composed this block of code for generating Digg badges.

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