Net Ratchet

I really like how dramatic the color turned out on this metal hardware on a volleyball net on my work's campus. Some of it is a little overexposed, but I actually like that. It feels somewhat HDR to me, although this is just one exposure.

Get The Net

The texture of the volleyball net really intrigued me and being able to force perspective  and focus to observe that allowed me to capture what I saw. I shot it with framing focused on the knots in the netting as well.

Treeflected Leaves

An unattractive background forced me to look at shooting this tree from a reflection, which put the tree at an angle that used the sky as a background. It wasn't until after I looked at the image on a large screen that I realized that the leaves in the water appeared as part of the reflection like a ghosted image of the leaves that were once on the tree.

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