Promoting Freestyle Scooter Amateurs

My wife, a friend, and I were discussing ways that we could help support and promote young riders that weren't otherwise represented in the freestyle scooter world. Our son has been very fortunate with sponsorship support and we wanted to try to help other kids be successful as well. Unfortunately, we didn't make scooter parts and we didn't have a lot of money to be able to help riders. Additionally, we didn't like the idea of having to select some riders while turning others away since we would never be able to help everyone.




Freestyle scooter info for parents and kids.

ScooterDad was created to share the information and experience that my family had gained through supporting our son who is passionate about freestyle scootering. The information online on the topic was sparse and not very kid and family friendly, so we focused our efforts as helping young kids and parents who were new to the sport.

My employer had recently made the decision to migrate our corporate site to the Drupal platform, so I chose Drupal 7 as the platform for ScooterDad to further my experience.


Drupal - Getting Clean URLs To Work With GoDaddy Shared Hosting

If you're using GoDaddy for your web hosting and you've installed Drupal on your shared hosting (Economy, Deluxe, or Unlimited hosting plans), then you may have run into the issue where you can't enable Clean URLs for Drupal. Fortunately, there's an easy fix. Unfortunately, the fix is so easy, I'm not sure why GoDaddy hasn't fixed this.

In your FTP client or the file browser in GoDaddy's tools, navigate to the root where your Drupal instance has been installed and look for your .htaccess file. Look for this important line, noted in red:

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