CRF250X Tip: Tail Light Doesn't Work Without Battery

Someone pointed out that my tail light wasn't working. I did a little digging on Thumper Talk and foundĀ this thread.

Since my battery is dead, I took it out. Without a working battery (or without one at all, in my case), the tail light doesn't work on the 250X. Whew! Now I don't have to worry about tracking down an electrical problem.



Great link, Colin! Thanks for sharing! :o)

The trick I found was just learning to not care that my taillight doesn't work. After 4 or 5 years, you completely forget about it. ;o)

You're beyond my level of electrical knowledge, Colin. I wish I could help. The reason mine sits un-fixed is because I know very little about electrical wiring. Sorry I can't help.

Wow, it's not just me, electrical problems on the X are pretty common. So, I replaced my battery and no e-start. Found out the main fuse was dead. I replaced it with no luck. Turns out the starter relay is blown, a $50 part. Shouldn't the fuse have protected the relay?
Others have said you can get the relay for $10 or so at an auto parts store, but I am having a hard time finding anything on the web. It appears the relay for $50 is a fuse holder and electrical connector glued on to the relay, but I don't know whether to pull it apart or not.
Any ideas or links you can send me to?

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